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White wine grape variety grown in Apulia

Verdeca b.

The Verdeca b. vine is present in Apulia, mainly in Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, in the traditional areas for the production of quality white wines.

Origin and Historical Outline

Of uncertain origin, it is grown in Apulia and particularly widespread in some towns of the provinces of Taranto and Bari, especially in the territories of Martina Franca, Crispiano, Cisternino, Alberobello and Locorotondo, generally intercropped with Bianco d’Alessano.


Albese bianco, Verde, Verdera, Verdesca, Verdisco bianco, Verdone, Vino Verde. 

Shoot tip: expanded, downy, green with slightly carmine edge.

Leaf: medium or large, circular, trilobate or pentalobate, with hardly marked lobes. U-shaped petiole sinus with overlapping lobes. U or V-shaped upper lateral sinuses; V-shaped lower lateral sinuses, if present.

Bunch: medium, cone-shaped, winged with 1-2 wings.

Berry: medium, spheroidal, slightly oval, pruinose, soft, medium-thick green-whitish skin; juicy flesh with a neutral taste.

Time of bud burst: intermediate

Flowering time: intermediate

Veraison: intermediate

Ripening: intermediate


GPI: 2

PGM: 5

Vigour: good

Average bunch weight: 280 g (min 180 g – max 400 g)

Average berry weight: 1.9 g (min 1.4 g – max 2.4 g)

Number of seeds per berry: 2 4

Average rachis weight: 17 g

Fertility of buds: 2 – 1

Potential fertility: 1.4

Actual fertility: 1.2

No particular climate or soil requirements. Prefers deep soil. Quite tolerant of the most widespread cryptogamic diseases and cold.

Alcoholic content: 11 – 12 % by vol.

pH: 3.2 – 3.4

Total acidity: 5.5 – 8 g/l

The Verdeca b. grape is used exclusively for vinification. It is usually used in blends with Bianco d’Alessano for the production of DOC wines such as “Martina” and “Locorotondo”. The wine, excellent with fish, has a white colour tending to greenish and a neutral taste.

It is suitable for the preparation of typical wine. In the past it was widely used for the preparation of aromatised liqueur wine, the production of which then dropped.

The Verdeca b. vine is traditionally present in Apulia, especially in the PDO wine production areas of Locorotondo and Martina Franca.

It is also used for the production of the San Severo, Ostuni and Gravina QWpsr. It is registered among the varieties suitable for cultivation throughout the Apulia region.

Antonacci Donato

The data sheet of the Verdeca B. grape variety, revised and updated, is extracted from: Antonacci Donato (2006). Viti di Puglia, Adda publisher. Its use is granted by the author citing the source.