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Wine grape variety grown in Apulia

Moscatello Selvatico b.

Moscatello Selvatico b. is a grape variety cultivated for a long time in Apulia, traditionally present in the northern-Bari area of the Apulia region.

Origin and Historical Outline

Moscatello Selvatico b. is one of the vines of the Moscati family. With Moscatello are identified the vines that show ampelographic characteristics different from those of Moscati but that produce grapes with muscat taste. Studies carried out with DNA analysis (Crespan M. and Milani N., 2001) have shown that the Moscato grape varieties are traceable to two varieties, the white Moscato and the Moscato of Alessandria (or Zibibbo), which are linked by direct relationship (procreator-ancestor ). Both have had progeny with other grape varieties. Moscatello Selvatico is a grape variety directly related to Moscato of Alessandria.


Fiana, Moscadella, Moscatello, Moscatella bianca, Moscatello giallo, Moscatello, Moscatellone, Ragusano, Uva moscatello. 

Shoot tip: open, fluffy, pale green with bronze shades along the margins.

Leaf: small or medium, circular, trilobate or pentalobate. Lyre or U-shaped petiole sinus with slightly overlapping lobes; U or V-shaped upper lateral sinuses with slightly overlapping lobes; open V-shaped lower lateral sinuses.

Bunch: medium, cone-shaped or cylindrical, winged, with one or two wings, dense.

Berry: medium, spherical, non-uniform green-yellowish colour. Slightly pruinose, with medium thick and compact skin. Flesh with Muscat flavour.

Time of bud burst: intermediate

Flowering time: intermediate-early

Veraison: intermediate-early

Ripening: intermediate-early

Vigour: medium

Average bunch weight: 270 g (min 130 g – max 390 g)

Average berry weight: 2.0 g (min 1.7 g – max 2.4 g)

Number of seeds per berry: 1 4

Average rachis weight: 13 g

Fertility of buds: 1 – 2

Potential fertility: 1.6

Actual fertility: 1.3

Not high but consistent production. Suited for short pruning.

Alcoholic content: 10 – 12 % by vol.

pH: 3.3 – 3.5

Total acidity: 5.5 – 8 g/l

Grapes vinified as a single variety or in blends with other Muscat grapes for the production of filtered and sparkling base wine, as well as for the production of sweet liqueur wine.

The wine is straw yellow in colour, fresh, delicate, with a persistent aroma and a sweet, well balanced taste.  Particularly appreciated for its aroma.  It has the terpene profile typical of Muscat vines, but with a balance between the various components characteristic of the vine, especially as regards linalool (about 850 mg/l as free form and about 1,400 mg/l as glucosidic forms) and geraniol (in the same order, about 400 and about 350 mg/l).

The Moscatello Selvatico b. vine is present in Apulia, mainly in the province of Bari, where it is grown in the production area of Moscato di Trani PDO wine.

It is registered among the varieties suitable for cultivation throughout the regional territory of Apulia.

Antonacci Donato

The data sheet of the Moscatello Selvatico b., revised and updated, is extracted from: Antonacci Donato (2006). Viti di Puglia, Adda publisher. Its use is granted by the author citing the source.