White wine grape variety grown in Apulia

Minutolo b.

The Minutolo b. is an ancient vine of the vineyards of Apulia, which was often confused with Fiano b., from which research has differentiated.

Origin and Historical Outline

In Apulia the Fiano b. was diffused by the Angioini towards the middle of the XII century, reaching a notoriety of considerable level. Some studies carried out (Calò A. et alii, 2001) have shown that in Apulia has been cultivated for a long time also another vine Fiano, different from the most famous one more established in Avellinese area and also cultivated in Apulia, locally known as aromatic Fiano, Fiano Minutolo, Fiano pugliese. Acclaimed the diversity between the two varieties, in the process for the registration on the National Register of Vine Varieties of Aromatic Fiano b. as a variety distinct from Fiano b.. It was decided to use the synonym Minutolo b.


Fiano minutolo, Fiano minutola, Fiano pugliese, Fiano rosa, Minutola, Fiano aromatico. 

Shoot tip: open or fan-shaped, whitish green, fluffy, with slight anthocyanic pigmentation along the margins.

Leaf: medium, pentagonal, pentalobate. Lyre or U- shaped petiole sinus with slightly overlapping lobes. U-shaped upper lateral sinuses with slightly overlapping edges.

Bunch: medium, winged, fairy dense.

Berry: medium-small, roundish with circular cross-section. Yellow-green or amber skin, slightly reddish on the side exposed to the sun. Fairly or very pruinose, thick, compact. Juicy flesh with a light muscat flavour, with a high juice yield.

Time of bud burst: early-intermediate

Flowering time: intermediate-early

Veraison: intermediate

Ripening: intermediate

Vigour: good

Average bunch weight: 290 g (min 110 g – max 400 g)

Average berry weight: 1.6 g (min 1.4 g – max 2.2 g)

Number of seeds per berry: 1 – 2

Average rachis weight: 12 g

Fertility of buds: 1 – 2

Potential fertility: 1.7

Actual fertility: 1.4

Wine grape vine with white fruit, good productivity, especially interesting for the production of quality white wines. Prefers fertile soil, suited also for high training systems.

Alcoholic content: 11 – 12.5 % by vol.

pH: 3.2 – 3.4

Total acidity: 6 – 7.5 g/l

Minutolo b. is used exclusively for vinification. When used as a single variety, it produces a meal wine of excellent quality, whose fine aromatic qualities are a distinctive feature. Its grapes also lend themselves very well to being vinified in blends with other qualified white varieties, to which they contribute their interesting aromatic note.

Minutolo b. is a wine grape variety present throughout Apulia that is frequently vinified together with Fiano b., with which it was confused in the old vineyards.  The Minutolo b., following Deliberation of the Regional Council of Apulia of 27 October 2014, n. 2235, has been included in the DGR n. 1390 of 28 July 2009. List of the indigenous or old –growth vines of the Apulia region. Integration. Measure sent to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, National Committee for the classification of vine varieties, accepted and then published in G.U. 170 of 23-07-2011.

Antonacci Donato

The data sheet of the Minutolo b. (ex Fiano aromatico), revised and updated, is extracted from: Antonacci Donato (2006). Viti di Puglia, Adda publisher. Its use is granted by the author citing the source.