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Wine grape variety grown in Apulia

Malvasia Bianca Lunga b.

The white wine grape variety Malvasia Bianca Lunga b., widespread in Italy, is also well present in Apulia where it is suitable throughout the region.

Origin and Historical Outline

Historical sources report the growing of this vine in the Chianti district for many centuries, where it became widespread in the Middle Ages. In the past, it used to be intercropped with Trebbiano toscano, Sangiovese and Canaiolo for the production of the Chianti wine following the formula of baron Bettino Ricasoli. Recently, the Malvasia del Chianti has spread to other regions as well, par ticularly Veneto, Latium and Apulia in the province of Brindisi and the surroundings of Gravina (Bari), where it is employed in the production of the DOC wine bearing the same name.


Malvasia del Chianti, Malvasia Toscana, Sgranarella. 

Shoot tip: quite expanded, velvety, white, slightly silvery, with carmine edge.

Leaf: medium-large or large, pentagonal, pentalobate (sometimes heptalobate). Closed lyre-shaped petiole sinus with overlapping lobes; closed upper lateral sinuses with overlapping lobes, closed lyreshaped lower lateral sinuses, or with parallel edges. Hairless upper side, very arachnoid or downy lower side.

Bunch: medium-large, compact, elongated to pyramid-shaped, generally with two wings.

Berry: medium-small, spherical, with a regular shape. Pruinose greenish-straw yellow to golden skin; juicy flesh, medium firm.

Time of bud burst: late

Flowering time: intermediate-late

Veraison: late

Ripening: late

Vigour: considerable

Average bunch weight: 360 g (min 290 g – max 460 g)

Average berry weight: 2.1 g (min 1.9 g – max 2.4 g)

Number of seeds per berry: 1 3

Average rachis weight: 20 g

Fertility of buds: 1 – 2

Potential fertility: 1.5

Actual fertility: 1.1

Abundant and consistent production. Prefers hilly, not too fresh soil, temperate-warm climate, long and abundant pruning, high training.

Alcoholic content: 11 – 13 % by vol.

pH: 3.1 – 3.35

Total acidity: 6 – 8 g/l

The grapes of the Malvasia Bianca Lunga b. variety are used exclusively for vinification. The result is a fine wine, straw-yellow in colour, savoury and gentle, perfumed. It is often used in blends, frequently with Trebbiano Toscano, to which it gives fragrance and body.

The Malvasia Bianca Lunga b. vine is used in blends for the production of PDOs and CGDOs wines in Central Italy.

It has been present in Apulia for a long time. It is registered among the varieties suitable for cultivation in all Apulian production areas. It participates in blends for the production of  wine: QWpsr Cacc’è Mmitte di Lucera, Gravina, Lizzano and San Severo.

Antonacci Donato

The data sheet of the Malvasia Bianca Lunga b., revised and updated, is extracted from: Antonacci Donato (2006). Viti di Puglia, Adda publisher. Its use is granted by the author citing the source.