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Black grape variety grown in Apulia

Greco Nero n.

The vine Greco Nero n. was introduced in Apulia from Calabria. It is registered as suitable for cultivation in the Central Murgia and in Capitanata.

Origin and Historical Outline

There is no certain information on the origin of the Greco Nero vine n. and its subsequent spread. According to Mazzei A. and Zappalà A. the Calabrian Greco Nero is different from the homonymous cultivated in the province of Avellino, in Abruzzo, in Lazio, in Umbria, in the Marches, in Tuscany. Many years of research carried out on the Calabrian territory and realizing appropriate fields of varietal comparison (Antonacci D., Placco L., 1997) has ascertained its difference from the vine Marcigliana or Marsigliana, previously considered synonymous. The vine Greco Nero n. was then introduced in Apulia, coming from Calabria.


Greco nero calabrese, Grecu niuru. 

Shoot tip: open or fan-shaped, fluffy, white with light anthocyanic pigmentation along the edge.

Leaf: medium, circular, wedge-shaped, trilobate or lobeless. Open lyre or U-shaped petiole sinus, with slightly overlapping lobes (closed lyre); open U-shaped lateral sinuses.

Bunch: medium-large, short, conical, winged-composite, medium dense.

Berry: medium-small, round or slightly obovoid; purplish or red epidermis, non-uniform. Slightly pruinose, thin, compact skin. Soft, juicy, colourless flesh

Time of bud burst: intermediate

Flowering time: intermediate

Veraison: intermediate-late

Ripening: intermediate-late

Vigour: medium

Average bunch weight: 290 g (min 240 g – max 350 g)

Average berry weight: 2.5 g (min 2.1 g – max 2.8 g)

Number of seeds per berry: 1 3

Average rachis weight: 15 g

Fertility of buds: 1 – 3

Potential fertility: 1.6

Actual fertility: 1.2

Medium vigorous vine, with a regular yield and compositional features of the grapes making them suitable for obtaining table wine; in blends with other grapes also suited to obtain classic red wines.

Alcoholic content: 11 – 12 % by vol.

pH: 3.4 – 3.5

Total acidity: 6 – 7 g/l

The Greco Nero n. vine produces grapes used exclusively for wine-making, either as a single variety or, more frequently, in blends with grapes from other vines. It allows the production of red and rosé wine for meals, with a pleasant taste and appreciated by consumers.

The Greco Nero n. vine is present in central-southern Italy and particularly in Calabria, where it is included in several cases in the production specifications for PD wines. It was also introduced in Apulia, where it is included among the varieties suitable for cultivation in the Murgia Centrale and Capitanata production areas.

Antonacci Donato

The data sheet of the Greco Nero b., revised and updated, is extracted from: Antonacci Donato (2006). Viti di Puglia, Adda publisher. Its use is granted by the author citing the source.