The emotion of the Mediterranean in a sip, with the whole Puglia to drink in a click. Welcome to the land of wine par excellence, where nature is the boundless deposit from which for millennia human knowledge has drawn to create masterpieces.

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed and in this portal, the Apulia Region has introduced a great innovation: the availability, in a single virtual location, of the entire wine heritage.  It is a formidable run-up towards many and increasingly ambitious goals. Apulia is working in great synergy between the public and private sectors to consolidate the quality wine brand and at the same time to strengthen the tourism brand. Every glass of fine wine in Puglia is undoubtedly the admirable synthesis of its wine civilisations. Yes, proudly using the plural, because in the Heel of Italy, passions intersect with numbers.

 Every climate and every terrain meet in Apulia, beginning in the north with mountains and forests and plunging in the sea at the bottom of the Heel after crossing plateaus and hills, woods and vineyards, olive groves and small jewel-like villages, ravines as deep as canyons and caverns frescoed like churches, beaches with kilometres of sand or high cliffs where the sea breaks up stormy, luxurious tourist ports and modern fishing ports.

In figures, Apulia, or rather The Puglie, means 800 kilometres of coastline and two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian. In the glass, the extraordinary possibility of tasting the universe of wine, starting with 4 CGDO, that is to say Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin; 28 PDO, Protected Designation of Origin and 6 PGI Protected Geographical Indication, with dozens of types that multiply the pleasure of appreciating a glass of wine from Puglia.

Primitivo, Negroamaro and Nero di Troia have already become part of the cellars of wine lovers all over the world, together with the unmistakable Apulian lifestyle of hospitality, Mediterranean food and great biodiversity in the fields and at the table. The main grape varieties are around 70 and, here, we describe them with scientific knowledge but in a way that is accessible to all wine lovers. The new page, still to be written, continues the research and cataloguing and rediscovery of forgotten valuable grape varieties. In the meantime, here with one click you will have access to the qualified offer of all Apulian wineries. The spectacle of wine, which is constantly evolving in Apulia, will thrill you from the first sip.