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Rosso di Cerignola PDO since 1974

A glass that, in Cerignola, together with the PDO wine, offers the Bella di Cerignola olive and the straw baked breads of Stornara and Stornarella

Wine color: red, rosé

Alcohol Content: 12%.

Characteristic of: Cerignola, Stornara and Stornarella, the administrative islands of Ascoli Satriano included in the Municipality of Cerignola.

 Grape varieties: Uva di Troia at least 55%, Negroamaro from 15% to 30%; Sangiovese, Barbera, Montepulciano, Malbeck and Trebbiano Toscano, alone or together, maximum 15%.

Cerignola immediately brings to mind the extraordinary open-air museum of the Piano delle Fosse Granarie. From the 13th century until a few years ago, here the precious grain was stored in hundreds of underground silos in the shape of inverted funnels. The table olive called  Bella di Cerignola, the beauty of Cerignola, known for its large size and delicious pulp, is another peasant wealth. Cerignola is also the birthplace of the famous trade unionist Giuseppe Di Vittorio.

The Rosso di Cerignola PDO with the wine completes a basket of goodness that, in the production area of Stornara and Stornarella, combines a good glass with the peculiarity of durum wheat bread baked in the very few straw ovens, still working.

The typology envisaged by the production regulations is:

  • Red of Cerignola PDO

Tasting notes

Rosso di Cerignola PDO is a more or less intense ruby red colour that becomes brick red with ageing. Its aroma is vinous, alcoholic and pleasant; on the palate it is dry, sapid, full-bodied, rightly tannic, well balanced, with a pleasant bitterish aftertaste.

Alcohol Content: 12%.