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Primitivo di Manduria PDO since 1974

Primitivo starts the harvest of red wines in Italy: it is a celebrity for its goodness in the glass and for the beauty of its territory

Wine color: red

Alcohol content: 13.50% – 14% depending on typology

Characteristic of: Avetrana, Carosino, Faggiano, Fragagnano, Leporano, Lizzano, Manduria, Maruggio, Monteparano, Pulsano, Roccaforzata, San Giorgio Jonico, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Sava, Torricella (Taranto) and the hamlet of Talsano of the Municipality of Taranto and the administrative islands of the Municipality of Taranto; Erchie, Oria and Torre Santa Susanna (Brindisi).

Grape variety: Primitivo di Manduria at least 85% for reds and rosés.

The lands of Primitivo wine are a treasure chest of nature and man. From the ’90s onwards, this vine has taken a run for its money, gaining a consolidated international reputation.

The story of its origins is now archived, which, starting from across the Adriatic Sea and passing through Gioia del Colle, took root in the Ionian Salento. The Primitivo di Manduria is above all the masterpiece of the men who made it a success. Starting from the same grapes, as well as a different soil and climate, the human factor has proved to be a winner. The Primitivo is the son of a peasant culture made of love and dedication for a vine, bred almost with filial love.

Every sip of the famous Primitivo di Manduria, which according to popular tales is named after the town where the shipping station was located, takes wine tourists on a discovery of a collection of towns with ancient Baroque historic centres. The Marina of the Primitivo towns is identified with the dream beaches of the Ionian Sea.

The typologies envisaged by the production regulations are:

  • Primitivo di Manduria PDO
  • Primitivo di Manduria PDO Reserve

Tasting notes

The Primitivo di Manduria PDO enchants in the glass with an intense red color, tending to garnet with aging, the nose leads to dwell on its aroma broad and complex, the taste ranges from dry to sweet, is characteristic.

Alcohol Content: 13,50%


The Primitivo di Manduria PDO Reserve asks its lovers to wait two years before tasting it. In the glass its intense red colour shows nuances tending to garnet, the nose is enveloped by a broad, complex aroma, sometimes with hints of plum, the taste ranges from dry to sweet, full-bodied and velvety.

Alcohol Content: 14%