Primitivo di Manduria CGDO Natural sweet since 2011

The Primitivo di Manduria represents the art of wine and of the alberello, that is the bush vine training system, and also the charm of the ancient Messapian villages and beaches.

Wine color: red

Alchohol content: 16%.

Characteristic of: Avetrana, Carosino, Fragagnano, Leporano, Lizzano, Faggiano, Pulsano, Roccaforzata, San Giorgio Jonico, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Manduria, Maruggio, Monteparano, Sava, Torricella, and that of the hamlet of Talsano (Taranto) and the administrative islands of the Municipality of Taranto in the territories of the Municipalities of Fragagnano and Lizzano in the Province of Taranto; Erchie, Oria and Torre Santa Susanna in the Province of Brindisi.

Soil: the cultivation of the  vineyards is alternated with arable land and rare olive groves. In the Taranto area, deep loamy-clayey soils predominate, becoming sandy and thin as you go down along the coastal area. In the three municipalities of the Brindisi area, mostly clayey sandy loam soils.

Rainfall: the annual average is about 650 mm, with rainfall concentrated in winter

Grape variety: 100% Primitivo di Manduria.

Maximum grape yield: no more than 7 tonnes per hectare.

Apulian wine connoisseurs all over the world, and the whole of Apulia, raised their glasses to toast when in the spring of 2011 this territory – which has always had a vocation for quality viticulture -was able to boast its first Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin. The first to reach this coveted goal was the wine Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale, Nature Sweet that proudly requires 100% of the grapes of this noble variety. The Primitivo little trolleys are part of the landscape of the well -maintained countryside of the 18 municipalities of Taranto and Brindisi that share both the Primitivo di Manduria PDO and the CGDO. The natural sweetness comes from drying practices on the plant and / or on racks and / or in boxes kept outdoors or in rooms even equipped with temperature control systems and / or humidity and / or forced ventilation.

The Primitivo di Manduria Natural sweet  CGDO in the glass, as required by the production regulations , stands out for its deep red color, with shades tending to garnet, the nose is distinguished by its smell wide, complex, sometimes with hints of plum. This breadth is confirmed at the palate, which is sweet, velvety and characteristic.

Total alcohol: 16%