Ostuni PDO since 1972

This PDO wine bears the name of Ostuni, which is nicknamed the “White City”, an enchanted place between the hills of the Murgia and the sea.

Wine color: white, red

Alcohol content: 11% – 11.50% depending on typology

Characteristic of: entire territories of the municipalities of Brindisi, Carovigno, Ostuni, San Michele Salentino, San Vito dei Normanni and in part of Ceglie Messapica and Latiano; all in the province of Brindisi).

Grape varieties:  Impigno between 50% and 85%, Francavilla between 15% and 50%, Bianco di Alessano and Verdeca maximum 10% for white; Ottavianello minimum 85% and up to a maximum of 15% of Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Notardomenico and Susumaniello grapes.

Ostuni is named the “White City”, renowned for the charm of its historic center that rises on top of three hills: surrounded by vineyards and olive groves that are lost in sight, up to the sea, and beautiful villages whose territories are part of this PDO.

We are in the province of Brindisi and from here to the Itria Valley we find the vine called Impigno, which seems to have taken its name from a farmer who had it as a nickname. Characteristic of this area of Brindisi is also the Ottavianello, known in France as Cinsaut, and that in Apulia would have arrived from Campania from the area of Ottaviano from which it took its name. Other peculiarities here are the Notardomenico vine, not very present in the rest of Apulia.  In the blend, refined by the skill of winemakers and oenologists, even in OSTUNI PDO the symbolic vine of Salento is not missing: His Majesty Negroamaro.

The typologies envisaged by the production regulations are:

  • Ostuni PDO White, also Spumante Charmat Method
  • Ostuni PDO Ottavianello or Ottavianello di Ostuni

Tasting notes

Ostuni PDO White can also be called Bianco di Ostuni and is made from 50% to 85% Impigno grapes, 15% to 50% Francavilla grapes alone or together, and up to a maximum of 10% Bianco di Alessano and Verdeca grapes.

In the glass, Ostuni PDO White has a straw-yellow colour, a vinous and delicate bouquet, a dry and well balanced,  clear taste.

Alcohol Content: 11%


Ostuni PDO Ottavianello can also be called Ottavianello di Ostuni and is obtained from at least 85% of Ottavianello grapes, alone or together with Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera, Notardomenico and Susumaniello grapes up to a maximum of 15%.

In the glass it has a colour ranging from cherry red to pale ruby red, a vinous and delicate aroma, a dry and well balanced taste.

Alcohol Content: 11,50%