Orta Nova PDO since 1984

The uncontaminated nature of the plain Tavoliere delle Puglie up to the Salt Plains in Manfredonia is enclosed in a glass of Orta Nova PDO.

Wine color: red, rosé

Alcohol content: from 11.50% to 12% depending on the typology

Characteristic of: the whole of Orta Nova and Ordona; part of Ascoli Satriano, Carapelle, Foggia and Manfredonia.

Grape varieties:  Sangiovese at least 50% and then Uva di Troia, Montepulciano, Lambrusco Maestri and Trebbiano Toscano present in the vineyards alone or together for a maximum of 40%, Lambrusco Maestri and Trebbiano Toscano separately not more than 10% for both red and rosé.

We are on the ancient Traiana Way, which connected Benevento to Brindisi. Ferdinand IV of Bourbon decided to recolonize these lands in the eighteenth century, when he created the so-called Cinque Reali Siti of the Province of Foggia. Orta Nova, from which the PDO takes its name, together with Ordona and Carapelle are part of these small towns linked to agriculture and wine. Continuing from the plain Tavoliere delle Puglie, the PDO includes the territories of Foggia and Ascoli Satriano, surrounded by nature with the Selve, the woods, in which enjoying some walks and the beautiful old town that is worth a visit, and then run to the sea. Orta Nova PDO wine in Manfredonia is set in the precious territory of the largest salt pans in Europe.

The typologies envisaged by the production regulations are:

  • Orta Nova PDO Red and Rosé

Tasting notes

Orta Nova PDO Red is the expression of an uncontaminated nature that in the glass comes in a red color, from ruby to garnet with orange reflections if aged, a vinous and pleasant smell, a dry taste, well balanced full-bodied, properly tannic that suggests earth and legumes dishes, Mediterranean soups.

Alcohol Content: 12%


Orta Nova PDO Rosé takes us to a delicate wine with a Mediterranean personality. In the glass it has a more or less intense rosé colour, a slightly vinous, pleasant aroma and a dry, well balanced, fresh taste when young, pairing well with seafood dishes and a tasty aperitif.

Alcoholic Grade: 11,50%