Matino PDO since 1971

Suspended between the land and the sea, the Serre Salentine are the highest crests of the plain where the vineyards of Matino DOP sculpt the landscape.

Wine color: red, rosé

Alcoholic Grade: 11,50%.

Characteristic of: Matino and part of the municipalities of Alezio, Casarano, Gallipoli, Melissano, Parabita, Taviano, Tuglie (Lecce).

Grape Varieties: Negroamaro (70%) and then Malvasia Nera or Sangiovese, for both red and rosé.


The luxuriant green of the Serre Salentine,  a Salento hill range , surprises the traveler in the burnt lands of Salento. Matino, which gave its name to the PDO, is one of the landmarks of this territory in which the more or less bold ridges of the plain rise. Matino and its historic centre, where time seems to stand still, can be the starting point for the exploration of small towns where wine and extra-virgin olive oil are an ancient art. All around the typical stone buildings, without the high coned roof the trulli, here “are called caseddhri” and many elegant old villas for luxurious holidays.

The typologies envisaged by the production regulations are:

  • Matino PDO Red
  • Matino PDO Rosé

Tasting notes

Matino PDO Red in the glass shows a ruby red color with orange reflections if aged, a vinous smell, a dry and well balanced taste.

Alcohol Content: 11,50%

Matino PDO Rosé is immediately noted for its intense pink color with slight golden yellow reflections after the first year, for a slightly vinous aroma, a dry, characteristic and well balanced taste.

Alcohol Content: 11,50%