Martina or Martina Franca PDO since 1969

The valleys and hills with vineyards and olive groves tended like gardens, the trulli and baroque old towns are part of the rural culture

Wine color: white

Alcoholic Grade: 11%.

Characteristic of: for the whole Martina Franca and Crispiano (Taranto), Alberobello (Bari), partly Ceglie Messapica and Ostuni (Brindisi).

Grape varieties: Verdeca (50-65%) and Bianco d’Alessano (35-50%), with a maximum of 5% Fiano, Bombino, Malvasia bianca.

Up and down along the sheep-tracks of the Murgia, among trulli, the typical dry stone houses with coned roof,  and woods among which the vineyards sprout. We are in the island of white wines of Apulia where reds have usually dominated. The territory of Martina Franca PDO starts in the province of Taranto from the baroque city from which it takes its name and continues through the Itria Valley towards the capital of trulli and UNESCO site Alberobello, the Città Bianca, that is the white City of Ostuni and the pretty Ceglie Messapica. The extreme fragmentation of the rural property stands out in the landscape, dotted with dry stone walls that are like lace framing the vineyards and olive groves. We are in one of the most touristic areas of Apulia.

The typologies provided for by the production regulations for Martina Franca PDO wine are:

  • Martina Franca PDO, also Spumante Charmat Method

Tasting notes

Martina Franca PDO shines in the glass for its greenish yellow or pale straw yellow colour, the aroma is vinous, delicate, characteristic and pleasant, the taste is dry, delicate.


Alcoholic Grade: 11%


Martina Franca PDO Spumante Charmat Method  has a froth that is fine and persistent, a yellow colour with greenish reflections or a more or less intense straw yellow colour with possible golden reflections, a fragrant, complex aroma, characteristic of double fermentation, agreeable, a fresh, sapid, fine, well balanced taste, from delicately dry to sweet.


Alcoholic Grade: 11%