Locorotondo PDO since 1988

The trulli surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, the dry stone walls as a frame, the woods that shine of light and unite Bari and Brindisi

Alcohol content: 11% – 15% depending on typology

Wine color: white

Characteristic of: Locorotondo (Bari), Cisternino and part of Fasano (Brindisi).

Grape varieties: Verdeca, Bianco d’Alessano, Fiano in different percentages.

We are in the heart of the Itria Valley, where Locorotondo stands on a hill surrounded by a corolla of vineyards of which its PDO is an expression. Locorotondo PDO is one of the symbols of Apulia of fine white wines, in an area where the search for ancient vines to be enhanced continues unabated. Trulli, traditional dry stone stone houses with coned roof, vineyards and dry stone walls contribute to the uniqueness of this valley of Apulia where the Adriatic Sea is just a few kilometers away and the Ionian Sea a little further. We are in one of the favourite destinations of international tourism, where wine marries the culinary art of typicality.

The result in the glass is the pleasantness of the typologies foreseen by the production regulations, which are:

  • Locorotondo PDO, also Superior and Reserve
  • Locorotondo PDO Spumante Charmat Method
  • Locorotondo PDO Raisin wine
  • Locorotondo PDO Verdeca
  • Locorotondo PDO Bianco d’Alessano
  • Locorotondo PDO Fiano.

Tasting notes

Locorotondo PDO, without specification of the grape variety, is an expression of Verdeca white for at least 50% and Bianco di Alessano  for at least 35% also for the Superior and the Reserve.

In the glass, Locorotondo PDO fascinates for its pale straw-yellow color, sometimes tending to greenish, its delicate and characteristic aroma, its dry and well balanced  taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste.


Alcohol Content: 11%


Locorotondo PDO Superior, which is also distinguished by a lower yield of grapes produced per hectare, in the glass has a straw yellow color sometimes tending to greenish, the aroma is delicate and characteristic, the taste is dry, well balanced with a pleasant slightly bitter aftertaste.


Alcohol Content: 12%


Locorotondo PDO Reserve is for the wine of those who love the passage of time, and requires at least one year of aging. In the glass the colour is straw yellow, the aroma is delicate, characteristic with light spicy hints, the taste is dry, full and well balanced.


Alcohol Content: 11%.

Locorotondo PDO Spumante Charmat Method. It is with the same vines as the Bianco (Verdeca for at least 50% and Bianco di Alessano for at least 35%) that the beloved Locorotondo PDO Spumante  Charmat Method  is produced. In the glass there is a fine and persistent froth, the straw-yellow colour stands out more or less intense with greenish reflections, the aroma is delicate and fine, the taste goes from extra brut to sweet, it is sapid, fresh, fine and well balanced.

Alcohol Content: 11%

Locorotondo PDO Raisin wine. From the same fine blend of grapes (Verdeca for at least 50% and Bianco di Alessano for at least 35%) the ancient knowledge of man produces the Locorotondo PDO Raisin wine, to be enjoyed at the end of a meal. It stands out for its intense straw-yellow to golden colour, its characteristic and intense aroma, its sweet, well balanced velvety and characteristic taste.

Alcohol Content: 15%

Locorotondo PDO Verdeca is produced with a prevalence of at least 85% of the mentioned grape variety. It has a pale straw-yellow color, sometimes with greenish reflections, a delicate and persistent aroma, and a dry, fresh, balanced flavor.


Alcohol Content 11%

Locorotondo PDO Bianco d’Alessano has a prevalence of at least 85% of the mentioned grape variety. It has a straw-yellow color, a fine, persistent aroma and a dry, balanced, sometimes sapid taste.


Alcohol Content: 11%

The Locorotondo PDO Fiano highlights the characteristics of this vine as it prevails for at least 85%. On tasting it has a beautiful straw yellow colour sometimes with golden reflections, the aroma is characteristic, intense and persistent, the taste is dry, well balanced and characteristic.


Alcoholic Grade: 11,50%