Gravina PDO since 1983

A millenary tradition of wine and a territory rich in testimonies of the past, in which the uncontaminated nature of the Alta Murgia Park stands out.

Alcohol content: 10% – 15% depending on typologyu

Wine color: white, red and rosé

Characteristic of: Gravina and Poggiorsini (Bari) in its entirety, partly those of Altamura and Spinazzola (Bari).

Grape varieties : Greco minimum 50% and Malvasia Bianca at least 20% and then Fiano, Verdeca, Bianco di Alessano and Chardonnay no more than 30% for white and sparkling; Montepulciano minimum 40% and Primitivo 20% for red and rosé; 100% of Malvasia for Raisin wine.

We are in one of the cradles of viticulture in the Mediterranean because, Gravina in Puglia, has thousands of years of evidence of its wine civilization, mainly related to the excellence of white wine, but not only.

The vines have always travelled together with man and Gravina is a hinge to the north with Basilicata and to the south with Campania, and to the south towards the Salento Murgia. The result is an admirable mosaic of distinctive wines for which the production rules the following typologies:

  • Gravina PDO White, also Spumante Charmat Method
  • Gravina PDO Red
  • Gravina PDO Rosé
  • Gravina PDO Raisin wine

Tasting notes

Gravina PDO White wine is an art, in which the secret is to be able to combine Greco grapes at least 50% with Bianca and/or Bianca Lunga at least 20%. For the remaining part, grapes of the Fiano, Verdeca, Bianco di Alessano and Chardonnay varieties can contribute to the production of this wine for no more than 30%.

In the glass, it has a straw yellow colour tending toward greenish, a distinctive, pleasing aroma and a dry or medium sweet, fresh, zesty, well balanced, delicate, sometimes slightly lively taste.


Alcohol Content: 11%


Gravina PDO Spumante Charmat Method, with the same grape varieties, has a fine and persistent froth, with a more or less intense yellow colour sometimes with greenish reflections. The nose has a delicate hint of yeast, the palate is lively and well balanced.


Alcohol Content: 10%

Gravina PDO Red requires at least 40% Montepulciano grapes and at least 20% Primitivo. The blend can also be composed with Aglianico, Nero di Troia, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes for no more than 30%.

The bright ruby red colour of Gravina PDO Red is distinctive, with a typical fruity aroma with hints of blackberries and a dry, well balanced, rounded taste


Alcohol Content:  11,50%

Gravina PDO Rosé, produced with the same grapes as the red, shines in the glass with a rosy color and a characteristic bouquet, pleasant and fruity, with a dry, fresh, savory, mineral, well balanced, delicate taste.


Alcohol Content: 11%

Gravina PDO Raisin wine  is produced exclusively from 100% Malvasia. In the glass it has a golden yellow color with a tendency to amber, the nose is intense, the taste is velvety, pleasantly medium sweet


Alcohol Content: 15%