Galatina PDO since 1997

Since man began to cultivate vines in Apulia with the alberello, bush vine  system, in Galatina, wine and the history of an entire community have been travelling together.


Wine color: white, red, rosé

Alcohol content: 11% – 12.50% depending on typology

Characteristic of: Galatina, Cutrofiano, Aradeo, Neviano, Seclì, Sogliano Cavour, Collepasso (Lecce).

Grape varieties : Negroamaro 65% in the red and rosé, rising to 85% in the Galatina Negroamaro type; for the two white wines Chardonnay between 85 and 55%.

A hard-working population, dedicated to the loving cultivation of alberello, that is  bush, vines and monumental olive trees sculpt the landscape of the municipalities that the Galatina PDO enhances. Quality agriculture and excellent food products are finely interwoven with the refined beauty of Lecce Baroque, which in Galatina, the elegant city from which the PDO takes its name, is expressed in a historic centre with important noble palaces. All around, a shining canvas of small ancient villages and farms, where wine and olive oil lovers can find hospitality, as it was in the past.


The typologies envisaged by the Production Regulations are:

  • Galatina PDO White, also Sparkling
  • Galatina PDO Chardonnay
  • Galatina PDO Red, also Reserve
  • Galatina PDO Rosé, also Sparkling
  • Galatina PDO Negroamaro, also Reserve

Tasting notes

Galatina PDO White, also Sparkling, brings to our tables the liveliness and the elegant freshness of the Salento lifestyle. It is produced with a minimum of 55% of Chardonnay. In the glass the colour is pale straw yellow, with greenish reflections, the aroma is delicate and pleasantly fruity, the taste is dry, characteristic, lively, quiet or sparkling.


Alcohol Content: 11%

Galatina PDO Chardonnay requires a minimum of 85% of this international grape variety, which has settled in very well in Salento. In the glass it has a straw-yellow colour, a delicate and pleasant bouquet and a dry taste with good structure.


Alcohol Content: 12%


Galatina PDO Red is an expression of Negroamaro,  at least 65%. In the glass it has a more or less intense ruby red colour with possible reflections tending towards brick red, if aged, a vinous, characteristic, pleasant and intense perfume. The taste is dry, full, robust, velvety, warm and well balanced


Alcohol Content: 12%


The Galatina PDO Red Nouveau requires at least 65% Negroamaro. In the glass, it has a more or less intense ruby red colour, a vinous, distinctive, pleasant and intense aroma and a dry, full, well balanced, fruity and sometimes lively taste.

Alcohol Content
: 12%

Galatina PDO Rosé also Sparkling requires, as for the red, at least 65% of Negroamaro grapes. In the glass it has a pinkish colour tending towards pale cherry, a slightly vinous, fruity and fairly persistent aroma, a dry and velvety taste, characteristic, still or sparkling.


Alcohol Content: 11,50%

Il Galatina DOP Negroamaro è frutto di almeno un 85% di uve di questo vitigno. Nel calice ha un colore rosso rubino più o meno intenso con eventuali riflessi tendenti al rosso mattone, se invecchiato, un profumo caratteristico, gradevole ed intenso, un
sapore asciutto, pieno, elegante ed armonico.


Alcohol Content: 12%


Galatina PDO Negroamaro Reserve requires a minimum aging of two years, of which at least six months in wooden barrels. In the glass, the wine has a more or less intense ruby red colour with possible brick red reflections, a vinous, characteristic, pleasant and intense bouquet, a dry, full, robust, velvety, warm and well balanced taste.


Alcohol content: 12.50%