Castel del Monte CGDO Bombino Nero since 2011

It is renowned for being among the first CGDOs of rosé wine in Italy, is dedicated to an indigenous grape variety and grows in a UNESCO site.

Wine colour: rosé

Alcohol content: 12%.

Characteristic of: the whole territory of Minervino Murge and part of the territory of Andria and Trani (BAT), Corato, Ruvo di Puglia, Terlizzi, Bitonto, Palo del Colle, Toritto and the entire administrative island  D’Ameli in  the Municipality of Binetto (Bari).

Soil: the most widespread type has modest depth and high stoniness.

Rainfall: the annual average is about 560 mm, with rainfall concentrated in the autumn-winter period, particularly in November and December. Snowfall generally occurs above 500 metres above sea level.

Grape variety: 90% Bombino Nero 

Maximum grape yield: no more than 12 tonnes per hectare.

The passion for rosé wines is growing unabated and, by now, has been consolidated in combination with a healthy and light Mediterranean diet.

Castel del Monte Bombino Nero CGDO stands out for being, on October 4, 2011, among the first Italian rosé wines to be awarded the CGDO, Controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin. The UNESCO site of Castel del Monte, from which it takes its name, is surrounded by a crown of vineyards. The refined rosé wine is produced from the indigenous Bombino Nero, according to the popular story, owes its name to the shape of its cluster, with grapes chubby like a baby. It seems, however, that the two centuries of Spanish domination in Apulia, starting from the word Bonvino, that is, good wine, led to Bombino because in Spanish the “v” is pronounced like the “b” in Italian.

In the glass, Castel del Monte Bombino Nero CGDO shines with a more or less intense rosé colour, its aroma is characteristic, delicate and fruity, and its taste is dry and well balanced.

Alcohol content: 12%.