Alezio PDO since 1983

The city, of ancient Messapian origins, and its PDO wine share the same name: Alezio, which boasts a tradition rich in flavours.

Wine color: red, rosé

Alcohol content: 12% – 12.50% depending on typology

Characteristic of: throughout the territory of the municipalities of Alezio and Sannicola, in part of Gallipoli and Tuglie (Lecce).

Grape varieties: 80% Negroamaro and then up to a maximum of 20% Malvasia Nera  di Lecce, Sangiovese and Montepulciano.

Negroamaro in Alezio is the dominant grape variety and, historically, right here in the lands of the Messapians from the 6th century BC it is also the most cultivated. In Salento Negroamaro is called “Niuru Maru” with reference to the black colour of the bunch, niuru meaning black and to the pleasantly bitterish, maru, taste of the resulting wine.

Alezio PDO revolves around the town of the same name in the province of Lecce, not far from the Ionian Sea and an area of strong tourist attraction where wine contributes to enrich a basket of goodness, in which the tradition of extra virgin olive oil also stands out.

The typologies envisaged by the production regulations are:

  • Alezio PDO Red, also Reserve
  • Alezio PDO Rosé

Tasting notes

Alezio PDO Red,  has its roots in a town that holds one of the richest collections of Messapian remains. The cultivation of the vineyard and the art of wine-making are expressed in Alezio PDO Red wine, whose Negroamaro is at least 80% of the grapes. In the glass it has a ruby red colour with light orange reflections if aged, a vinous smell if young, ethereal and rich in bouquet if aged, a dry, warm taste, with a pleasant bitterish aftertaste, rightly tannic and sapid.

On the label it can be indicated as Reserve after an aging of at least two years.

Alcohol Content: 12% for the red

Alcohol Content: 12.50% for the reserve

Alezio PDO  Rosé is the delicate tale of a wine that goes perfectly with land and sea food, light and modern, like legumes seasoned with a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil, or seafood.

In the glass, Alezio PDO Rosé produced with the same blend as the red, that is at least 85% Negroamaro, has an intense coral pink color, a vinous and persistent aroma, a dry, harmonious, velvety flavour with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Alcohol Content
: 12%.