Apulian wine pairing

Apulia also boasts a wide variety of white wines and a tradition that is increasingly being rediscovered. Bombino bianco, Fiano, Bianco di Alessano, Minutolo, Verdeca, Chardonnay are some of the grapes for delicate wines perfect for this dish.


  • Black mussels Kg 2,5
  • Arborio rice gr 200
  • White onion gr 250
  • 2 Garlic cloves
  • Cherry tomato gr 400
  • Potatoes Kg 1
  • Grated Pecorino cheese gr 400
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Olive oil to taste
  • Parsley to taste


Wash the rice with running water to remove some of the starch.

Clean the outside of the mussels well under running water, and open them to a peel.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into slices half a centimetre thick so that they are cooked evenly.

Sprinkle the base of the pan with olive oil and onions cut into rounds, make a first layer of potatoes, then a layer of mussels with the fruit facing up, sprinkle with rice making sure to get it into the open mussels, add the tomatoes cut in half, the pecorino romano cheese, chopped parsley, onion, chopped garlic, season with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and repeat everything making another layer.

Make the closing layer with the potatoes taking care to completely cover the rice, the cherry tomatoes, the cheese and add more extra virgin olive oil.

At this point the tiella is composed, but it is necessary to add the filtered liquid of the mussels and complete with lightly salted water, up to the limit of the last layer, without exceeding it.

Bake at 200┬░C in a static oven for about 45/60 minutes, preferably after heating on the stove, until the potatoes are cooked.

We recommend using an earthenware pan.


The presence of rice in an ancient Apulian dish should come as no surprise. Here we are in Magna Graecia, or the Greek colonies in Italy, whose capital was Taranto and whose territory extended as far as eastern Sicily, passing through Calabria. The cultivation of rice arrived here with the Greek colonization and still today, in Sibari, rice is cultivated. The potato, of course, is an ingredient added after the discovery of America.


Unione Cuochi Apulia  Region chaired by Salvatore Turturo